Registered Participants

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List of Registered Participants:

The following is a list of companies that have registered with MARR as participants and appointed MARR as their "agent" as of the date listed below. This list is updated regularly as additional companies register.

Because supply chains and business relationships vary, it should not be assumed that a registered MARR participant is reporting to MARR on your company's products. We recommend that you confirm in writing with each of your suppliers or customers regarding the responsibility for reporting sales and paying Administrative Program Fees to MARR. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Not Yet Registered?

Please note that only registered participants are listed above. Participant numbers are assigned once an online account is created. For details on how to register, please refer to the How to Register page.

Already Registered?

Registered MARR participants with an online account can log in to file online APF/sales reports by clicking on the button below.

MARR Online Reporting System

As a registered MARR participant you will need to familiarize yourself with the following information:

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Includes information on APF reporting, tax rates applied etc.
  • MARR Rules and Policies – Relevant rules/policies on APF reporting and remittance obligations, including reporting periods and policies on leased, returned, exchanged, refurbished or repaired products
  • Product List - detailed list of included and excluded products, relevant definitions and the APF rates.

Administrative Program Fees (APFs)  must be reported and remitted to MARR by registered participants using the MARR online reporting system. The online system requires participants to input the net quantity of applicable program products sold or supplied during the reporting period for each of the APF product categories.

APF reports and remittances must be received by MARR by the end of the month following the reporting period.