Claims Program

MARR provides financial support to collectors of major appliances to offset the costs associated with removal of refrigerant and to ensure that refrigerant is being evacuated and managed responsibly. Compensation is also provided for tracking, counting and reporting units of MARR products collected. Participating sites are required to accept all MARR products at no charge.

Organizations interested in participating in the claims program must sign a contract with MARR indicating that they comply with the terms of MARR’s Processing Standard and agree to accept all MARR products at no charge. Organizations must also use an authorized agent to remove refrigerant from MARR products and submit logs on a monthly basis indicating the number of units collected. You can click on the following links to download copies of log sheets for refrigerant and non-refrigerant units, as well as a monthly summary reporting form and a guide for completing these documents:

Collection sites registered with the MARR program can be found by accessing MARR’s Collection Site Finder.