Products & Fees

Included Products:

Major appliances that have been designated for residential use, including dual fuel natural gas or propane products provided the other power source is electricity. Appliances used in or sold for industrial, commercial and/or institutional (IC&I) applications that have the same essential design characteristics as major household appliances, as defined above, are also included. All program products that are used for the purpose of refrigeration or freezing must contain a compressor and/or refrigerant gases.

For a detailed list of included and excluded products, relevant definitions and the APF rates, please refer to the complete Product List - April 1st, 2023 Version.

Administrative Program Fee Rates:

MARR is funded through Administrative Program Fees (APFs) that are charged at the point of sale for new appliances sold in BC. It's not a tax, nor is it a refundable deposit.  APFs for different products are established by MARR having regard to the cost to recycle the materials contained in the product and the cost of administering the program generally. These fees are reported and remitted to MARR by registered MARR participants (manufacturers, distributors, retailers) who have joined MARR to fulfill their regulatory obligations.

APFs must be reported and remitted to MARR by registered participants using the MARR online reporting system. The online system requires participants to input the net quantity of applicable program products sold or supplied during the reporting period for each of the 17 APF product categories outlined below and in the complete

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on APFs, how they are reported and paid, options for passing-on the APFs and the tax rates applied to APFs.

Administrative Program Fees (APF) effective April 1, 2023

The board of directors and the management of MARR reviewed financial forecasts for the 2021-2026 fiscal years and the board approved fee reductions recommended by management which became effective April 1, 2023.

MARR believes that this fee reduction will balance the long-term viability of the program and the fiscal responsibility obligations that are outlined in our stewardship plan.

Administrative Program Fees (APF)

Please refer to the table below for the APF rates. For a complete list of products captured by each of the categories below, please see here.

Effective April 1st, 2023