MARR Product Processing Standards

The purpose of the Processing Standard for Recyclers of Major Appliances (“MARR Product Processing Standards”) is to articulate best practices in, and support efforts of, all participants in the metal recycling industry to improve the environmental practices associated with the decommissioning and recycling of end-of-life major appliances.

The MARR Processing Standard has been developed by the Major Appliances Recycling Roundtable (MARR) in fulfillment of its commitment under the government approved British Columbia (BC) Major Appliance Stewardship Plan (“Stewardship Plan”) for the management of major household appliances at end-of-life. It exists for the use of individuals, corporations and municipal governments in BC who are engaged in the pre-processing or decommissioning of some or all of the products covered under the Stewardship Plan, and who are interested in furthering MARR’s objectives of:

  1. Improving the environmental outcomes associated with major appliances recycling; and,
  2. Improving the measurement and oversight of the performance of the existing market-based major appliances recycling system.

The MARR Processing Standard is based largely on existing regulatory requirements applicable to the management of end-of-life major appliances. Members of the metal collection industry are encouraged to become a signatory to the MARR Processing Standard as a statement to consumers and the rest of the metal recycling industry of their commitment to the responsible management of end-of-life appliances and their compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

All contracted MARR collectors are de facto signatories to the MARR Processing Standard and MARR has contracted sites all over BC.  Please click here to find the MARR collector site near you.

Collectors are responsible for ensuring that contracted metal recyclers for all products covered by MARR are either a signatory to the processing standard or that they adhere to the standard.

The Processing Standard is available for download.

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