MARR Program Training

Monday, February 28, 2022

In February, Bill Paton, the MARR field agent, spent some time in-person with few collections sites to review extensively the MARR program.

Respecting all Covid-19 policies and safety plans, each training. available and free to any interested sites, lasts approximatively 45mn and covers a wide-array of topics such as the accepted MARR ODS and non-ODS units, site organization best practices. and required documentation. The training turns out to be really beneficial to reinforce the partnership between the collection network and the MARR program.


In February, the following eight sites and team have successfully received the training:

- Bailey Sanitary Landfill (Shyla, Cary, and Stacy)

- Vancouver Zero Waste Centre (Soren and Paulo)

- Pan Pacific Recycling Inc. (Hou, Zhang, Chin, and Richard). See below picture:

- Fraser Valley Metal Recycling (Mike and Daniel)

- Rypac Metals (Ken, Ron, Tom, and Terrah). See below picture:

- Abbotsford Recycling Depot (Jennette, Dave and Craig)

- Regional Recycling Abbotsford (Abby, Ben, Marcus, and Len). See below picture:

- Mission Recycling Depot (Emily, Teresa, Ian and Laura)


Thank you to all participants!