Included Products:

Major appliances that have been designated for residential use, including dual fuel natural gas or propane products provided the other power source is electricity. Appliances used in or sold for industrial, commercial and/or institutional (IC&I) applications that have the same essential design characteristics as major household appliances, as defined above, are also included. All program products that are used for the purpose of refrigeration or freezing must contain a compressor and/or refrigerant gases.

Program Funding:

MARR is funded by Administrative Program Fees (APFs) applied to the sale and supply of new major household appliances in British Columbia, effective August 1, 2013. The APFs are used by MARR to cover all costs associated with implementing the MARR stewardship plan, which is focused on enhancing the performance and transparency of the existing market-based system of collecting and recycling major household appliances in BC. For more information on what MARR is doing in BC, please see here.

Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers may include the Administrative Program Fee (APF) in the product price or display it as a separate charge to purchasers. The APF is not a government tax and the APF itself is not remitted to government. The APF is subject to sales tax as it is considered to be a part of the price of regulated products.

Please refer to the table below for the APF rates. For a complete list of products captured by each of the categories below, please see here.

Product Category APF Rate
1. Full-Size Refrigerators & Wine Coolers/Beverage Centres $1.25
2. Compact Refrigerators & Wine Coolers/Beverage Centres $1.25
3. Freezers $1.25
4. Room Air Conditioners $1.25
5. Portable Air Conditioners $1.25
6. Dehumidifiers $1.25
7. Clothes Washers $1.10
8. Clothes Dryers / Steam Cleaners $1.10
9. Ranges $1.10
10. Range Hoods and Downdrafts $1.10
11. Built-In Ovens $1.10
12. Built-In and Over the Range Microwave Ovens $1.10
13. Surface Cooking Units $1.10
14. Dishwashers $1.10
15. Food Waste Disposers $1.10
16. Trash Compactors $1.10
17. Electric Beverage Dispensers $1.10